This page lists helpful resources (software, videos, text, etc) for scientists, students, and those simply curious about chemistry.

For the inquiring mind

  • Khan Academy offers video supplements to general (high school) chemistry.
  • AskScience is an excellent discussion board at Reddit where you can get answers (not homework help!) from PhD scientists.
  • MinutePhysics is a YouTube channel, that while not directly related to chemistry, aims to help people better understand natural phenomena.

For university students

  • SciFinder is a literature database, allowing users to search by keyword, author, chemical structure, or reaction scheme.  Your university most likely has access.
  • ReadCube (software) is a reference manager that can interface with your university’s proxy for downloading and sorting academic journal articles (Free).
  • ACD/Labs (software) provides a NMR viewing software suite, which is more than adequate for first/second semester organic chemistry students (Free).
  • ChemDraw (software) will help with drawing organic structures, organizing your notes, and making lab reports more presentable.  Your university most likely has a license, check with the chemistry department.
  • ACD/ChemSketch (software) is an alternative to ChemDraw, if your university does not have a license (Free).
  • Khan Academy offers free organic chemistry tutorials to supplement your lectures.
  • The NIST Chemistry WebBook has a very large catalog of information of various chemical compounds, including spectral data and thermodynamic properties.
  • The Organic Chemistry Portal provides useful information and literature on reactions and mechanisms.
  • Professor David Evans (Harvard) offers lecture material and extra problems on his group website.  This material is beyond Orgo 1 and 2, and covers advanced organic chemistry.

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