I do not feel very American


It’s remarkably difficult to parse my personal feelings about my country and the democratic process with the fact that half of my countrymen observed exactly what I did and reached the opposite conclusion.

As a scientist, I look at data for trends and use what I observe to reach conclusions.  I like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at doing this.  The apocalyptic hellscape repeatedly described by DJT is not one that really exists.  This is borne out in the data – crime is on the decline, the economy is growing – things are getting better.  The conclusion I drew from the last eight years of data is the trajectory we are on is fine.  Perfect?  No.  But incremental improvements were making it better all the time.  For everyone.

As a human being, I look at things said and done by each candidate and determine how they mesh with my worldview.  It’s hard to know if I’m particularly good at this.  Trump’s political brand is one of exclusion, and fear.

Exclusion and fear are not American values.  It is a difficult day to be optimistic.  I do not feel very American.

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