DOI’s for Blog Posts?

I received an interesting email over the weekend from the founder of “a DIY scholarly publishing platform” (full text below).

Some of what the folks at The Winnower are proposing sounds familiar: there are inherent problems with the current model of scientific publishing.  What stuck out a bit to me is the idea of assigning DOI’s to blog posts.  While I don’t see posting original research to blogs happening any time soon, perhaps the post-peer-review format of blogging could benefit from some more structure.

I’ve reproduced the email below if you care to read.  Thoughts?

Dear Mitchell,

My name is Josh Nicholson and I am the founder of The Winnower (, a DIY scholarly publishing platform launched in the middle of last year.   We have just launched the first service to assign DOIs to blog posts ( in an effort to empower scholarly blogging (  I wonder if you would be interested in this service.  In short, we hope to archive and aggregate scholarly blogs from across the internet and preserve them FOREVER using CLOCKSS, much like traditional scholarly articles.
We think our service will be beneficial to bloggers/institutions as it should increase readership, and make blogs “count” more in scholarly discussions.  You can read our official announcement here:
The workflow would be quite similar to what you do now, except you would cross post to The Winnower and assign a DOI to your blogposts at your discretion via the plugin.
Let me know your thoughts and I would be happy to answer any questions or discuss more.
Josh Nicholson

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